About “Blogging Grandpa”

First, an introduction. Most folks call me Dean, but my six grandkids call me Grandpa. The only grandfather I knew was Grandpa. My dad, likewise, was Grandpa. Because of those two men, it’s an honor for me to be called Grandpa as well.

I’m a Christian, hence the tag line, TGIF: This Grandpa Is Forgiven. I served in the US Air Force on active duty and then in the Reserves. In civilian life, I was an engineer by education, but also found myself in several other positions before finally retiring.

About the “Blogging Grandpa” Blog

BloggingGrandpa.com is a casual blog I enjoy writing. What I mean by casual blog is that I want it to be a personal blog with a friendly, casual feel. That does not mean I don’t take the information I post seriously; rather, I take a more relaxed approach to the structure and style of the posts.

As a Baby Boomer myself, the main areas that I write about here revolve around Baby Boomer Interests. I enjoy reading, researching, and learning more about our generation. In turn, I enjoy sharing through my blog posts the thoughts I have, information I find, or opinions I’ve developed based on what I’ve studied.

Along the way, I’m also liable to slip in “off topic” thoughts or things of interest.

I certainly hope you, my readers and visitors, enjoy what you find here because, while I enjoy writing, I do it in the hope that you will in some way benefit from it.